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10 Fastest Motorcycle In The World

10. Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike a motor with a high quality and Performance of a strong and reliable engine in all fields, and has the most expensive prices in the world’s most expensive motorcycle. Call it the Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike motorcycle, whice the first


10 Fastest Cars In The World In 2016

10. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari cars made from this one was no less great with Ferrari LaFerrari. Even in terms of appearance, interior and performance is tadak less good, ferrari enzo is one of the fastest cars in the world that has an engine

Air France 447

10 Aircraft that still Missing until Now

10. Air France 447 The Airbus A330 from Rio to Paris that carry 288 passengers and sailors were lost in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. The final report shows air tiub prevented ice crystals, causing the autopilot system failed to function. Black box found only in

Budha Shape Pear

10 The Most Expensive Fruits

10. Pear Shape Buddha Pears resemble miniature Buddha statues are sold at a price USD9 grain. 9. Apples Sekaiichi It was sweet and honey-coated fruit makes this apple is in the premium category and sold at USD21 grain. 8. Dekopon Citrus Produced hybrid between lime

iraq sex

10 Countries Where Sexual Violence So Unusual Things

10. Afganistan Sexual crimes such as rape is a big issue in Afghanistan. According to the law the perpetrators of rape are severely punished if found guilty. But in fact, the crime is rarely reported. Especially for victims of sexual crimes face a much greater


10 Most Dangerous Country in the World

10. North Korea (GPI score: 2,977) After independence from Japan, Korea divided. North Korea led by Kim’s family. They are the leaders of the governance structure. Massive militarization makes the weak state economy. Citizens did not have the property, prompting corruption. Citizens do not have

5. krokodil

7 Drugs Will Kill You In Minutes

7. Scopolamine Scopolamine or better known as the ‘Devil’s Breath’ is the scariest drug in the world. These drugs are derived from plants angel trumpet and neurotransmitters that carry a short-term information to the brain. Usually victims who take this drug will be short-term memory

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

10 Best Mobile Phone Brands In 2016

10. Samsung Galaxy V Smartphone Samsung Galaxy V is a low entry can be one of your choice if you’re looking for a reliable android phone specification. On the spur kitchen phone is provided premises processor speed 1.2 GHz wrapped with operating system Android OS,

Gunung Everest

5 Sites That Filled Terrible Human Corpses

5. Pompeii The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 almost wiping out the entire city of Pompeii. The entire population is soaked in hot ash as thick as 6 meters. After the bodies decomposed, leaving only the bones are covered with volcanic ash. After


10 Sexiest Woman will make Every Man Crazy

10. Halle Berry At 37 years old aged, Halle fact still showing its existence as an actress. Moreover, at this age ,anyway he successfully crowned as the sexiest woman in the world by FHM. With the title, she is a black woman, the only one