History of Cryptocurrency

Free Cryptocurrency - Do you Know that Cryptocurrency or Digital Currency already exists at 1990s? In this Era, there are several cryptocurrencies that very well-known and popular that is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, much more (according to coinmarketcap), where those are Digital Currency that created with decentralized for the first time. Decentralized System is a system that connects you and me without third-party like Financial Regulator or Government involved on our transactions, but long before Era of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Friends, actually before Golden Era of Cryptos, at 1980s some people were already thinking and created some of the prototype of Digital Currency or known as Ancestor of Modern Digital Currency (Cryptocurrency), which:

Cryptocurrency Roadmap History Since 1990s

DigiCash 1990

David Chaum was a cryptographer from The USA, across brilliant idea at 1982 known as Blind Signatures, at that time Chaum created a journal with title "Blind Signature for Untraceable Payments" which Blond Signatures refer as Digital Signature, He believed that to achieve secure and safe transactions people need a Currency Token that has the same function like real cash, Later on Chaum builds DigiCash in Amsterdam 8 years after he published his journal, Chaum and the others DigiCash Founder insist to sell their product only for Bank, but unfortunately DigiCash went bankrupt after no Bank wanted to use their Product. The Day when DigiCash went bankrupt, Microsoft came with a new deal for DigiCash, They wanted to implantation DigiCash system into all of their PC Windows, but DigiCash still bankrupt because of lack of fund.

E-Gold 1996

In 1996, Dr. Duglas Jackson and Barry K.Downey successful on creating E-Gold, E-Gold itself was very brilliant idea about making Gold and Silver Digital Transaction, To make it happen, the users need to create their E-Gold account to sent or receive Gold or Silver in form of credit/number into their E-Gold account, but at 2001, USA Patriot Act requires all institution like E-Gold and the other to get Special License, but the terms and requirement for it considered very difficult to obtain, because of that E-Gold could not survive.

Beenz & Flooz 1998

Next is Beenz And Flooz, Both of them were completely different company with the same concept, both were very popular as Digital Currency at 1998 - 1999, Charles Cohen Founded Beenz while Robert Levitan Founded Flooz, Both of them make users able to get commisissions in form of Digital Currency credit, To make it works, the users need to do some internet task, such as Online Shopping, Login into ISP System, visiting some websites, and other things. After done with collecting Credit for the tasks, the users will able to spend their credits in certain merchants that had cooperated with Beenz & Flooz, the Funny things is Beenz & Flooz founded at the same year, they also went bankrupt at the year too at 2000 because Dotcom Bubble Burst cause their stock plummeted.

InternetCash.com 1999

In 1999, Jason Richelson, Ben Reddy, Charles Doherty, and Mr.Doherty created Online Payment Network or known as InternetCash, InternetCash came with another great idea that was payment method with their private Network which safer than Banking Network such as Visa or Mastercard. The Users could their prepaid card by topping-up them to InternetCash, like Visa and Mastercard, InternetCash also had Card Number and a Pin, If Users want to check out, online merchant will redirect the users to InternetCash page that known as "InternetCash Payment Windows", in this page the users required to input their Card Number with Pin Code, after that System will check it and encrypt that transaction and sent to InternetCash Server. They very success at that time, but InternetCash still collapsed after hit by Dotcom Bubble Burst.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Why Cryptocurrency? Some Experts said that Stock came from commodities that transform into money in a natural way, that mean, People willing to accept it as legally exchange, unlike Cryptocurrency that want to create new era for Digital Cash, cryptocurrency created from idealism Cypherpunk with cryptograph technique, that public have right to own Money that threatening their privacy when used like real money its mean no one will able to know how much money do you have except yourself, resistant to inflation because the amount is limited, Its very convenient and sustainability does not depend on centralized authority or known as Decentralized.

Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. ... We cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organizations to grant us privacy ... We must defend our own privacy if we expect to have any. ... Cypherpunks write code. We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy, and ... we're going to write it. - Cypherpunks

Free Cryptocurrency, Is Possible?

Who Free Cryptocurrency? We are independent team, non-U.S resident that very interested with Cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens and Web Chain, Basically its impossible to get Free Cryptocurrency, but later on Webmasters created again tasks system to giving cryptocurrency in a certain amount as reward by doing something like Flooz & Beenz had offered at 1998, such things are: Faucet System, Cryptos trading, cryptos mining, cryptos exchanges and much more, and I will talk a little bit about them below.

Claim Free Cryptocurrency

There are so many Website offers or giving away Free Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Doge Coin, Ethereum and much more in certain amount every some time depended on their terms of services, to claim those free cryptos you need to solve some problem in exchange of it, usually you only need to solve simple captcha or the worst viewing their Ads. While doing this you will able to get Free Cryptocurrency in very small amount, this action a very wasting a lot of time and will take a very long time to make some money.

Cryptos Mining

Beside Earn Free Cryptocurrency by Claim it, you able to get cryptos by mine it but you have to be prepared if you want to become Cryptos Miner because there are to do long list, like Hardware, Software, Place, Capital Money, and a lot of time to maintain your hardware health, in other words, prepare your self because you will bleed a lot.

Cryptos Trading

There are no differences between Cryptos Trading and Traditional Forex Trading, what you need to do is sit tight and start to follow up a lot of Economic news, specific country financial regulations, chart analysis, follow the pattern, and stay healthy, because you will spend a lot of your time, trust me I did this before.

Cryptos Exchange

This Less complicated than Cryptos trading, you only need to exchange your cryptos to other cryptos, for example, I have 1 BTC (bitcoin) and I want to exchange my BTC for Ethereum then I will look for someone or platform to exchange my BTC for 37 Ethereum + Fee (Dec 2018), and you could sell it later or do it again to earn some profits.

There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptos, like earn from cryptos trading you need to have some skills on it at least you could read the chart and economic events that might able to affect the cryptos prices, cryptos mining more simple that cryptos trading or exchanges, to mine cryptos you only need to have related mining hardware or you may able to rent it, and the last thing is to earn Free Cryptocurrency by following Faucet system, users only need to do small task to start earn it.



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