The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 10

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Wait until you hear this secret,” Lia whispered. She sat down across the table from Cathy and me.
“What?” I mumbled. I swallowed a bite of my cheese omelette.
“My bunk made breakfast this morning, and I forgot my hat in the kitchen,” Lia said.

“That’s a stupid secret!” Keisha snapped.
Lia roled her eyes. “That’s not the secret, Keisha. The secret is what I heard Sandy tell one of other counselors when I went to get my hat,” Lia explained.
“Tell us,” Brittany said. She shoved her light blond hair behind her ears and started at Lia. “We have to hear the secret!”

“Sandy said that we couldn’t play volleyball today because the volleyball net was ripped to shreds last night!” Lia exclaimed.
I dropped my fork onto the floor. “It’s just like the story,” I whispered. I turned to cathy. “Now you have to believe there is a ghost at camp!”
“I guess it’s possible that there might be a real ghost,” Cathy admitted. She pushed her plate away. She hadn’t eaten much.

Keisha glared at Cathy from across the table. “There might be a ghost?” she repeated. “What more evidence do you need? The canoes were set loose and the volleyball net was ripped up. That’s exactly what Shinta did last time!”

Brittany nodded. “I didn’t believe there was ghost at first. But we all heard it outside our cabin last night. Marie Jane eve got the ghost on tape.”
“You got the ghost on tape?” Lia cried. “Can I hear it?”
I pulled my mini tape recorder out of my jacket pocket and cicked it on. “Helllp meee!” the voice wailed.

I got scared all over again just listening to the tape.
Lia shivered. “That has to be the ghost,” she told Cathy. “It has to be.”
“I’m still not positive,” Cathy said. “We need more evidence.”
“But what kind of evidence?” I asked.

“Attention, everybody,” Sandy called from the front of the mess hall. “I just have a couple announcements. First, we’re going to compete against the Camp Condor boys in a mini Olympics on Friday. There are sign up sheets on the bulletin board for the events,” she said.

“And tonight is movie night,” Sandy went on. “We have a collection of videos in the rec room. We’ll take a vote at dinner on which movie to show. Have a great day, everyone!”

“I hope no one wants to see a cary movie,” Brittany mumbled. “I’m not ready for another scary night.”
“I think a scary movie is a great idea!” I exclaimed.
Cathy started at me. “You do?” she asked.
I nodded. “Yeah, a scary movie is the perfect way to get more evidence!” I leaned clos, and told them my plan.

I peered through the viewfinder of the video camera. I could see the swing perfectly. “The moon gives plenty of light for our movie,” I announced.
“You’re brilliant, Marie Jane,” Cathy said. “Now all we have to do is push the record button and go to sleep. In the morning we’ll have the ghost on film!”

We told Ellie and sandy that we wanted to make a movie of e owls that lived at Camp Big Bear.
We didn’t think they would like the idea of us trying to make our own scary ghost movie!
While we were talking to Sandy, Cathy asked her if the counselors ever pretended to be the ghost just for fun!
Sandy laughed and said no way!

“I don’t know if this plan to videotape the ghost will work,” Brittany said. “isn’t the ghost invisible?”
“We’ll still be able to see if he swing moves, Cathy told her. “And we’ll be able to tell if the wind is strong enough to move the swing by studying the trees in the background.”
“And if an animal moves the swing, we’ll see that, too,” I added. ‘This movie wil give us a lot of new evidence.”

Ellie swung open the door and stepped into the cabin. “Everybody ready for lights out?” she asked.
I pushed the record button on the video camera and climbed into my bottom bunk. “Ready,” I answered.
“I hope you get some owls on your tape,” Ellie said. Then she flipped off the lights.

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