The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 11

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Creeeak. Creeeak.
I rolled over and pulled my pillow over my head. I wished that creaking would stop. I was trying to sleep.

Creeeak. Creeeak.
Wait! That’s the tire swing!
I bolted up in bed.
I started out the window, but the creaking had stopped. The tire hung motionless.
I scrambled out of bed and checked the video camera. The little red light was on, and that meant the camera was still recording. Yes!

Cathy, get up! The ghost was out there,” I whispered.
“Wha-huh?” Cathy rubbed her eyes. “What time is it?”
I checked my watch. “It’s almost six. It will be light any minute. Let’s go watch the tape now before it’s time for everyone to get up.”
I couldn’t wait to prove to Cathy once and for all that there really was a ghost. Then we could apologize to Shinta and everythin would be okay again.

I tiptoed over to Brittany’s bed and shook her shoulder. “Get dressed,” I whispered. “It’s time to watch the tape.”
Brittany jumped up so fast, she hit her head on the top bunk of her bed. “Ouch!” she cried.
“Shhh. We don’t want to wake up Ellie,”I said.
“You already woke me up,” Keisha complained. “I’m coming with you.”
“Fine,” Cathy said. “Just be quiet.”

I pulled on my sneakers and my jacket, then I slid the videotape out of the camera. When everyone was dressed, I grabbed my flashlight and we tiptoed out of the cabin.
I flipped my flashlight on. It was still really dark out.
I led the way to the main building. Usually there are a million things going on at camp in the morning. There are always kids yelling and chering and laughing.
But it was still early. The only sounds came from our feet tromping along the path.

“It’s kind of spooky out here,” Brittany whispered.
“I wonder if the ghost is still around,” Keisha said.
I hadn’t thought of that!
I started into the trees lining the path. I didn’t see a ghost. But it was so dark, I could have missed it.
What is the ghost is out here? What if it’s watching me right now?
I started to walk faster. I wanted to get inside the main building. I would feel safer there.

Keisha started to jog. So I started to jog.
Then Brittany started to run.
We all raced for the main building as fast as we could. We dashed inside and Cathy closed the door behind us.

We rushed down the hall and into the recroom. I flipped on the lights, and right away I started to feel better. It’s a lot harder to feel scared when all the lights are on.
I hurried over to the television set and popped our tape into the VCR.

“I can’t believe you got the ghost on tape,” Brittany said.
“I think it was a stupid thing to do,” Keisha told me. “The ghost will be extra mad at you now. Shosts don’t like to be videotaped.”
“Should we rewind to the beginning, or just go back a little ways?” I asked.
“Just a little ways,” Cathy said. ‘Let’s try to find the spot with the creaking you heard.”

I nodded and punched the rewind button. The tape started to spin backward in the machine. I waited for a few seconds, then hit STOP. “Okay, let’s try it here,” I said. “Get ready to see the ghost, everyone.”
I pushed PLAY. I started at the TV screen. Finally I would have proof that there was ghost at Camp Big Bear.

Creeeak. Creeeak. Creeeak.
The swing rocked slowly from side to side.
“See, there is no wind,” I said. “it’s the ghost on the swing. It’s Shinta.”
The TV screen went black and we all shrieked as the room plunged into darkness!

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