The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 14

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“Run!” Brittany shrieked. We dashed into the woods.
“Hey!” a boy cried. “Those are my shorts!”

I was lughing so hard, I could hardly run.

“we’re going to get you!” another boy yelled. I heard the boys tromping through the bushes after us.
“Come on!” Cathy exclaimed with a breathless giggle. “We’ve got to run faster.”
“Boys!” a deep voice shouted. “What’s going on out here? Get back here now!”
“Their counselor caught them! They’re busted!” Brittany exclaimed.
“Yesss!” I cried. I slowed down. “We did it!”

We all slapped high fives. “e really showed those boys,” Cathy bragged as we hurried back toward our own camp. “That will teach the to try and scare us!”
“Yeah,” I agreed. “They’d better watch out. Next time we’ll out leaves and bugs in their stuff just like they did to us!”
“Umm…” Keisha cleared her throat. “I should probably tell you guys something.”
“What?” I asked.

Keisha looked at her feet. “Well…” she said slowly. “It wan’t the boys who put those leaves and stuff in our cabin. It was me.”
“Huh?” Cathy said.
We all stopped and stared at Keisha.
“What do you mean?” I demanded.
“You messed up our stuff?” Brittany glared at Keisha.
“Why?” I asked.
“I’m sorry,” Keisha whispered. “It’s just that I really didn’t want to come to camp again this year. I hated it last year. I didn’t have any fun at all.”

I was confused. “What does that have to do with putting leaves and bugs in our stuff?”
“I was trying to make you think the ghost was real,” Keisha explained. “I thought if everyone believed there was a ghost at camp, they’d all want to go home. Then I could go home, too.”
I wasn’t sure what to say. Neither was anybody else. We were all wuiet for a moment.
Finally we started walking toward camp again. “Why are you telling us the truth now?” Cathy asked at last.

“Because I just decided I don’t want to go home anymore,” she said. “Camp is starting to be fun.” She laughed. “I wish I had a picture og that boy’s underwear flying in the wind!”
I looked at Cathy. She looked back at me. We both grinned. Maybe Keisha wasn’t so bad after all!
Okay, we’ll forgive you,” I told Keisha. I was still grinning. “But only because you do such a good bear growl!”

Keisha opened her mouth and let out a long, loud growl.
“camp Big Bear girls rule!” Brittany yelled.
“Camp Big Bear girls rule!” we all repeated. Keisha shouted loudest of all.
We hiked out of the woods and turned onto the dirt trail leading to the cabins.
Creeeak. Creeeak. Creeeak.

I gasped. “That sounds like” I began.
“The tire swing,” Cathy finished.
We raced around the bend in the trail, and the playground came into sight.
“Look!” I gasped. I pointed to the tire swing. There was someone on it. A pale figure dressed in a long white gown.
Keisha screamed. “Oh, no!” she cried. “It’s the ghost!”

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