The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 4

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Spiderwebs hung from every corner of the cabin. The floor was coated with dirt and leaves. Hardly any sunlight made its way through the filthy windows.

“Marie Jane, look,” Cathy whispered. She pointed to a bed across the room. It looked ready for someone to sleep in. a nightgown and slippers gray with dust lay at the foot. The covers were turned down. And a teddy bear sat on the pillow. Spiderwebs were wrapped around its face.

I slowly walked over to the bed. The wooden floorboards squaked with each step I took.
“Maybe we should just go,” Cathy said. “Maybe we should call Mom and Dad and ask them to take us home. They wouldn’t have left us here if they knew what it was like.”

I wanted to leave. But I couldn’t. not yet. I had to take a closer look. I had to figure out if someone was really living in this horrible cabin.
I ran my finger over the blanket, wiping a clean spot in the dust. No one had touched this for a very long time, I realized.
I picked up the teddy bear and studied it. “Who left you here?” I asked.
A fat brown spider crawled out of the teddy bear’s ear and skittered up my arm. Ewww! I flicked the spider away and threw the teddy bear across the room.

“Let’s get out of here now!” I cried.
We raced to the door. I shoved it open. Cathy and I ran into the btight, cheerful sunlight.

“Hey, you two! Stay away from there!” a girl yelled.
I spun toward her. It was Keisha, the scowling girl Cathy and I met in the main building.
“Did you see the ghost?” Keisha cried.
“What ghost?” I exclaimed.
Keisha started at Cathy and me. “Didn’t anyone warn you about the ghost of cabin seven?” she asked.
“Ghost! No one said anything about a ghost!” Cathy answered.
“Come on,” Keisha said. I’ll tell you everything. But we have to get away from here.”

We ran over to a picnic table near playground. Cathy and I sat down across from Keisha.
“You two are in danger,” Keisha said. “You better go home right now, before it’s too late.”
“What are you talking about?” I demanded.
Keisha took a deep breath. “Cabin seven is haunted,” she said. “No one is allowed in there.”
“But we were assigned to cabin seven!” I protested.
Keisha shook her head. “Someone must have made a mistake. No one stays in the ghost’s cabin.”
“I don’t believe in ghosts,” Cathy said. She didn’t sound completely sure.

I did believe in ghost. And cabin 7 looked exactly like the kind of place a ghost would live!
“The ghost is going to be very angry that you two broke into her cabin,” Keisha continued. “I know she’s going to come after you tonight! You won’t be safe as long as you stay at camp Big Bear.”

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