The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 7

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I lay in the bottom bunk that night and stared out the window. The moonlight was so bright, I could see everything in the playground including the tire swing.
“Cathy, do you think Shinta will come tonight?” I whispered.
Cathy didn’t answer.

I gave the top bunk a gentle kick. “Cathy, I said, do you think the ghost is going to come tonight? We broke into her cabin just like the girl in the story!”

“Of course Shinta is going to come,” I heard someone whisper from across the room. “It’s not safe for any of us to stay in this cabin.”

I shiged. I didn’t want to talk to Keisha. I wanted to talk to Cathy. But Cathy was sound asleep.
I put my head under the covers and flicked on my flashlight. I took it to bed with me just in case.
I shone the light on my watch. It was almost ten. What time did ghosts get up? Midnight?

Think of something else, I ordered myself. I tried to imagine what everyone in my family was doing right now.
I knew what Cathy was doing sleeping. Our little sister, Liza, was definitely sleeping too.
Our big brother, Trent, should be sleeping. His bedtime was nine o’clock. But knowing Trent, he was still awake, probably playing his mini video game under the covers.

Mom and Dad were probably watching the news or something. I’ll just pretend they are in the next room right now, I thought.
I clicked off the flashlight and stuck it under my pillow. Then I closed my eyes.
The cabin was completely silent now. I think even Keisha was asleep. There wasn’t one sound coming from her bed.

Creeeak. Creeeak. Creeeak.
I sat p fast. I grabbed my mini tape recorder. It was tucked under my pillow right next to my flashlight just in case.
“Th-there’s a creaking sound coming from outside the cabin,” I whispered into the recorder. It sounds like-like the tire swing.”

Creeeak. Creeeak. Creeeak.
I pulled in a long, deep breath. “Maybe it’s Shinta’s tire swing.”
I knew I should look out the window. That’s what any good detective would do. But I really, really did not want to see a ghost!

On the count of three, I’ll look.
I jerked my head toward the window. My hand trembled as I brought the tape recorder back up to my lips.

“I see the tire swing. It’s moving. But nobody is in it!”
It’s the ghost! I thought.
Wait. Cathy doesn’t believe in ghosts, I reminded myself. Maybe she’s right. Maybe ghosts aren’t real.

Creeeak. Creeeak. Creeeak.
I started out at the rocking swing.
This is a case for Olsen and Olsen, I decided. And it is our most important case yet because our lives might depend on sloving it!

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