The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 8

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I sprang out of bed. I stood on tiptoe and shook Cathy’s shoulder.
“What?” she mumbled.
“The tre swing! It’s moving back and forth all by itself!” I cried. “The ghost is out there right now!”
Cathy gave a little squeak and sat straight up in bed. She pushed her face against the window.

“Look, Marie Jane. The swingisn’t moving.” Cathy scooted back so I could see outside.
“Maybe you dreamed it,” she suggested. “That ghost story probably gave you a nightmare.”
“I wasn’t asleep,” I told her. “I’m positive I was awake. Totally positive.”
“Okay, let’s try to think like detectives,” Cathy said. “What else could have made the swing move?”

She thought for a moment. “I know! The wind!” she exclaimed.
I checked the window. “The trees aren’t moving,” I answered. “That means there isn’t any wind.”
“Hmmm. Maybe an animal walked by and bumped into the swing. Like a deer or something,” Cathy said. “Go to sleep, Marie Jane,” she told me. There is no ghost.”

Cathy wouldn’t believe there was a ghost at Camp Big Bear unless we had all the facts. And we didn’t have any.
At last not yet.
“Hurry up, Marie Jane. I can’t wait to learn to canoe,” Cathy said. She gave a little skip as we headed to the lake.
I trudged down the trail after her.

“What’s wrong, Marie Jane?” Lia asked. She gave a big yawn. “Don’t you want to go canoeing?”
“Canoeing is stupid,” Keisha muttered before I could answer.
“No, it’s not. It’s really fun,” Brittany said. “I went last summer, and it was awesome!”
“I’m worried about the ghost,” I told Lia. “Cathy and I went into cabin seven yesterday. It was a mistake. We thought it was our cabin. We didn’t mean to make Shinta angry.”
“You went into cabin seven? I can’t believe you went into cabin seven!” Lia sried.

“You don’t really believe in the ghost, do you?” Brittany demanded.
“I… I guess not,” Lia said. But she sounded really worried.
“I don’t either,” Cathy said.
“I do!” Keisha declared. “People who don’t beliee in ghosts are stupid.”
“Maybe Cathy and I could apologize to Shinta,” I said. “We could tell her we didn’t know she didn’t like anyone to go in her cabin.”

“That’s a great idea!” Lia exclaimed.
I startedto feel a teeny, tiny bit better.
“There’s no such thing as ghosts so I can’t apologize to one,” Cathy said firmly.
I felt a whole lot worse. If Cathy wouldn’tapologize, my plan wouldn’t work. We both went into cabin 7 so we would both have to apologize to Shinta.
We hiked around a bend in the trail, and the lake came into view.

“Oh, no!” Lia exclaimed. “Look at that!” She pointed toward the lake.
I started at the sparkling blue green water. “What?” I asked.
“The canoes!” someone untied the canoes!” Lia cried.

She was right! Canoes bobbed up and down in the middle of the lake.
Red ones. Blue ones. Gree ones. Yellow ones. And all of them were empty.
“Shinta untied them,” Keisha whispered. “It’s exactly what she did last time someone broke into her cabin!”
I felt my knees begin to tremble. I couldn’t stop starting at the canoes. “Cathy, do you still say there’s no such thing as ghosts?”

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