The New Adventures of Marie Jane and Cathy Part 9

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“Marie Jane, I know you’re really scared,” Cathy said. “But we have to be logical. A ghost isn’t the only explanation for how the canoes got out in the middle of the lake.”
“Yeah,” Brittany agreed. “Maybe whoever tied up the canoes didn’t do a good job, and the knots came loose.”

“That’s stupid,” Keisha said. “The same person didn’t tie up every one those canoes. Do you think everyone at Camp Big Bear ties bad knots? That’s really stupid!”
“And even if the knots were all bad, they wouldn’t all come loose at exactly the same time. It isn’t logical,” I told Cathy.
“You’re right, Marie Jane,” Cathy said. “It isn’t logical!”
Yes! I thought. She believes me now!

“Someone must have untied the canoes,” Cathy continued. “But that doesn’t mean the ghost untied them.”
“Maybe you’re right, Cathy,” I said. “Maybe the ghost didn’t untie the canoes. But, then who did? And why?”
Cathy frowned, the way she does when she’s thinking hard.

“I don’t know,” she admitted.
“This is a case for Olsen and Olsen!” I exclaimed. “Lucky for us I brought my tape recorder.”
“I think you’re right,” Cathy agreed. “I wonder if Ellie would lend me a notebook ao I can take notes.” She hurried over to our counselor to ask her.

Yes, yes, yes! Cathy was on the case!
I was positive Olsen and Olsen could prove that the ghost was real. And once Cathy knew the ghost was real, she would apologize.
Case closed! Problem solved!
Unless… unless the ghost cam and took me and Cathy away before we finished our investigation!

We’ve been so busy today, I’ve hardly had a second to think about the case.” Cathy flipped open her notebook.
“I know,” I answered. “It’s hard to be a good detective when you’re having so much fun.”
I did have fun. I decided not to let the ghost ruin my very first full day at camp.

There was something to do every second and I loved it all. Cathy and I went swimming played a baseball game, and made a braided collar for our basset hound, Clue.
Plus all the kids in our bunk helped make dinner. Even that was fu, except that Keisha kept complaining. She said the aprons we wore were stupid. She said cooking was stupid. She even said sphaghetti was stupid!

“So, what do we have so far?” I asked Cathy.
Cathy flipped open her notebook and read over her lists. “Not much,” she admitted. “I can’t believe we didn’t find one clue by the docks where the canoes were tied.”
As soon as I convinced Cathy to take the case, she searched every inch of the dock. She looked for anything that seemed out of place a scrap of cloth, a piece of paper, an unusual footprint, anything.

I helped Cathy, but I knew we wouldn’t find anything. Ghosts don’t leave clues.
Then Cathy studied the canoe ropes. She wanted to try and take fingerprints off them, but the ropes were too wet.
I wanted to tell Cathy that there wouldn’t be any fingerprints because ghosts don’t have fingers! But Cathy didn’t believe in ghosts.

At least not yet!
Cathy sighed and closed the notebook. “We’ll have to search for more clues tomorrow,” she said.
“Can I see?” Brittany asked. She reached out for the notebook.
Cathy glanced at me. I nodded.
Usually Cathy and I don’t talk about our cases with other people. But Brittany was our bunk mate.

“Wow, you write down everything. You wrote down exactly how many canoes were set loose,” Brittany said. “You even wrote down the coors of the canoes!”
“I just wish there was more to write down.” Cathy sighed again. “We’ll neverbe able to crack this case if we don’t find more clues!”
“You’ll get a lot more clues tonight,” Keisha called from across the room. She put her toothbrush and toothpaste in her suitcase and slammed the lid shut
Everyone else had totally unpacked all their stuff. But Keisha’s suitcase was still full.

“What do you mean?” Cathy asked.
“I mean the ghost is going to come back tonight and do something bad,” Keisha answered. “Then you’ll have lots of clues to write down in your stupid notebook.”
“I have a clue for you, Keisha,” Brittany said. She picked up her pillow and threw it at Keisha’s head.

“Pillow fight!” I yelled.
I grabbed my pillow and threw it at Brittany. Brittany picked it up and threw it at Cathy.
“Pillow fights are stupid,” Keisha muttered.
We all threw our pillows at Keisha.

“Helllp me!” a voice wailed.
I felt the hair on the back of my neck stan on end.
“Helllp me!” the voice cried again.
“W-what was that?” Brittany stammered.
“Are you crazy? It was the ghost!” Keisha answered. She glared at us.
I couldn’t say anything. My mouth felt too dry to talk.

“Helllp me!”
The wail sounded louder. And even closer.
“It’s the ghost!” Keisha shrieked. “It’s coming to get us! And it’s all your fault!” she glared at Cathy and me. “You made it angry. Now it’s after us all!”

Cathy grabbed me by the arm. “Where’s your tape recorder?” Cathy cried. “Quick! Turn it on this is definitely a clue!”
That’s Cathy. Even in the middle of a ghost attack, she remembers to act like a detective.
I grabbed the recorder from under my pillow and switched it on.

“Helllp meee!”
“Go away!” Brittany screamed. “Leave us alone!”
“Helllp meee!”
The voice sounded softer this time.
Father away.

Silence filled the cabin.
“Do you think it’s gone?” Cathy finally whispered.
I held my breath and listened hard. All I heard was a few crickets chirping.
“It’s gone,” Keisha said, her voice quavering. “But not for ong. It will be back I know it!”

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