Superfudge Part 30

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We walked into town. We were too early to buy tickets, so we showed Jimmy his father’s painting in the window of the gallery.

“I dressed up as Anita’s Anger for Halloween,“ Alex said. “My costume was outstanding, if I say so myself.
“Tou don’t think you’re too great, do you?” Jimmy said.
“I’m just telling the truth,” Alex said.
“I can’t believe this guy,” Jimmy whispered to me.
“He’s usually not like this,” I whispered back.

I never should have gotten the two of them together, I thought. They really couldn’t stand each other. And they were making me miserable.

“Hey, let’s go in and introduce Jimmy to Beverly,” I said. Trying to sound cheerful.
Beverly greeted us. “Well, if it isn’t Alex and Peter and Fudge!”
“And Daniel Manheim,” Daniel said. “I’m six. I live at 432 Vine.”
“Glad to meet you, Daniel,” Beverly said.
“And this is Jimmy Fargo,” I told Beverly. “You know… Fargo…”
“Frank’s son?” Beverly asked.
“That’s right.”

“I just love your father’s paintings,” Beverly said. “They’re so original.”
“He’s working on a new one,” Jimmy said. “It’s called Salamis on Parade.”
“Sounds fascinating!” Beverly said.
“My father likes salami,” Jimmy said. “Salami and onion sandwiches are his favorite.”
“I don’t eat anything with onions,” Daniel said.
“We know,” I said.

“Salami and onions,” Jimmy said, “my father could just about live on salami and onions!”
Beverly laughed. “I’ll bet he doesn’t do much kissing.”
“That’s right,” Jimmy said. “My mother’s the one who likes kissing. That’s why she moved to Vermont.”
“Well,” Beverly said, “I’d certainly like to meet your father someday.”
“Maybe we can arrange that,” I said, thinking that Beverly and Mr. Fargo might really like each other.
And Jimmy must have been thinking the same thing, because he said, ‘He doesn’t eat salami and onions every day. On Sundays, he likes lox and eggs.”

“I don’t eat anything with onions or lima beans or peas,” Daniel said. “I hate crust on my bread, and I only drink chocolate milk.”
“You’re a fussy eater,” Beverly said.
“That’s right,” Daniel said. “You want to make something of it?”
“No,” Beverly said. “I certainly don’t.
“We have to go now,” I said. “We’re going to see Superman.”
“Have a good time,” Beverly called.

I wondered if anybody ever went into the gallery besides us. I’d never seena a customer in there.
Outside, a line had formed in front of the movie theather.

As we were walking to the end of it, I spotted Joanne McFadden. She was with Sharon, who’s always looking at the ground or the sky, and Elaine, who likes to punch guys in the stomach.

I guess Joanne spotted me too, because she called, “Peter…” and waved me over to her. “Give me your money and I’ll buy your tickets,” she said. “That way you won’t have to stand at the end of the line.”
Mom had given me enough to treat Alex, Jimmy and Daniel, so I passed the bill to Joanne and stood right behind her. When the wind blew, her hair hir my face, and I didn’t move, even though it tickled my nose.

“Well,” Elaine said, after we had our tickets, “Aren’t you going to introduce us to him?” She noded in Jimmy’s direction.
“Oh, sure. Jimmy, meet Elaine, Sharon and Joanne.”

Jimmy looked at Sharon for a long time. Sharon looked at the sky.

“I’m Daniel Manheim,” the little creep said. “I’m six. I live at 432 Vine Street.”
“That’s nice,” Elaine said. “And who are you?” she asked Fudge.
“Fudge Hatcher.”
“Your little brother?” Joanne asked me.
“Uh huh.”
“I never knew you had such an adorable little brother.” Joanne had never said so many words to me at once.

Fudge smiled. “Adorable… that’s me.”
“And I’m Daniel Manheim. I’m six.”
“We know,” Elaine said.
“You want to make something of it?” Daniel asked in his best tough guy voice.
‘Yeah,” Elaine said. “Put ‘em up!” she made two fists and held them to Daniel’s nose.
Daniel started to cry. “Don’t hit me… please don’t hit me… I’m only six…” He covered his face with his hands.

“I’m not going to hit you, you doof!” Elaine said. “I only hit guys my own age. Right, Alex?” and with that, she belted Alex in the gut.
“Cut it out, you…” Alex shouted a lot of good words at Elaine.
Daniel jumped up and down, singing, “He said the A-word… he said the A-word…”
“Shut up!” Elaine said to Daniel. “Or I will slug you.”
“You promised you wouldn’t.” Daniel whined. “And I’m only six, remember?”
“Why don’t you all cut it out,” Sharon said, looking at the ground.

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